Sunday, 29 April 2012

fun facebook games list

Logged on to facebook, and no people to chat with and comment on your posts? Well, that's not much of a problem, since facebook recently launched an array of addictive games to kill your time. And yes, the games are 100% unique and wont be found anywhere else! And what makes it even cooler is that you can invite your friends to join in, and make quick progress on a partnership basis. Most of the games are free but after a certain point you'll have to shell out small amounts to continue, or by playing some games you earn coins known as facebook credits, which can be spent instead. You can also challenge other people real time in matches, or try to break a worldwide record. Sometimes there are live contests online where all you have to do is to submit the amount of progress you've made in the game, and could get a chance to win free facebook merchandise, facebook themes or premium facebook apps! Cool, is'nt it?

The facebook games list below enlists some of the games we found great, and want others to try out.
Farmville - Produced by zynga, it is one of the most popular and addictive games on facebook. All you have to do is plough your own farm, grow crops, harvest it, and earn money. With farmville cash you can choose to buy animals, cattle, helpers, tractors, trees, and build your own house with proper fencing and paving too! Yes, very addictive it is. And the crops you plant take time to mature, often one to five days, and if you fail to harvest it on time, your entire work and cash goes waste! Sometimes premium animals will come wandering into your farm, though you cant choose to keep it. You have to share it around your friends. And then you can send a free gift a day to your friends and get one in return. In all, farmville is every bit as exciting as is popular.

Frontierville - Seeing its success in farmville, zynga launched an improvised version of the game, with better animations, the frontierville. Like its predecessor, it too became an instant hit with facebook-ites. With much more to do in this game, like shooing away wild animals from your camp and chopping down trees to enlarge your place, it becomes all the more addictive. Then, you get missions to complete and after a certain point, you get married and get all the more busy. And, if you stay idle for a very long time, wild trees shall grow all along you and you'll have to start all over again. The free gift a day system is included in this game, too.

Crazy taxi - And this game can give you laughing jitters. You are driving a cab and you are in such a hurry that you choose to literally jump over the cars in front of you, and drive at insane speeds. You have to reach the checkpoint within a stipulated time, else start all over again. Hitting the other cars reduces your speed, which make you late in reaching the checkpoint. Very addictive, but after the tenth or twelfth checkpoint it gets very difficult and beginners are bound to crash. A great achievement, though.

Tiki farm - Suppose you are stranded on your very own island with no ships or anything visible beyond the horizon to rescue you. You give up and live as a native there, growing your family and collecting things that wash up on the beach. That's exactly what tiki farm is all about. And then you can create your own avatar, and make him do almost anything on your island world.

It girl - A perfect girly - girly game. You are an upcoming model in the fashion industry and you have to visit designers and collect all exclusive stuff. Then you can dress up your avatar, and go for fashion competitions. And then earn hearts for it. An addictive game for girls though, boys can do nothing about it.
Facebook was never this interesting, was it? ;)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

my ideas for new Facebook games

Hello and welcome to another post from me. I'm sure you actually can't wait after the last time only joking I suck at this.

I've been thinking about Facebook games a lot recently and I think they have some ideas on what makes a really good Facebook games that will probably be in the top all-time list of best Facebook games.


My first idea is an idea for us Facebook games involving X-Men it would be like Farmville and it would not be like Mafia wars it would be a real kind of interactive game. But it would not be action based it would be more about strategy and building something cup which should be quite fun.

So for example you might own your own kind of Newton school and teaching train the mutants the to be part of your team you could also go out and try and finds new mutants you don't even necessarily know what their powers would be to be quite interesting. There will likely be other schools instead of neighbours and maybe even some computer controlled schools like magneto and the actual X-Men. Clinical battle with each other or try and find out new things and complete missions but real mission is not the kind of crap that you see these days and army attack on such.

In fact if you ever played ex-con apocalypse or UFO defence I think the brilliance of a game like that time based term based sorry kind of game where you move your guys your mutants and I and defeat enemy schools.


We already have Miscrits world of adventures, but it will never be as good as Pokemon. I can't believe that there have not been any real Pokemon multiplayer games online is the perfect thing to play think that likely because people are scared to invest in something so big in case fails. Can you imagine actual Pokemon games it would be a complete success of Facebook if done correctly. Because they update it regularly add huge areas to playing it would be amazing. I'm getting quite bored of the Facebook format with neighbours and daily tasks are lower than see attempting I wish there was another way there are so many good opportunities on Facebook and I feel like they get waste of the times the Premier still only in the beginning of Facebook games Zynga has been leading for now but I hope that there are some better companies developing. I think there are.

Think my favourite Pokemon the square full is just so cool bulbul so was also the favourite I was never really. Pikachu or the others.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Games Maniac's best Facebook games collection

Facebook games, the new frontier in the gaming industry. Who would have predicted Facebook games would become such a lucrative industry, certainly not Facebook in the beginning. In fact it has been shown in many studies that the reason Facebook is so popular is because of the Facebook games industry. People will sit there and play Facebook games all night as well talk to their friends, the accessibility in the community forced entertainment value of the games drives the community forward.

I review Facebook games a day-to-day basis researching and analysing their strengths and weaknesses. I introduce the new best Facebook games to gamers all around the world every day with my new blog.

These are some of the most popular and best Facebook games according to face-gamerscom.

Zynga games and Farmville

There are more Facebook games created each day than one person like me can keep up with but one thing every games developer and user does is keep up with Zynga games. Zynga has made a multibillion-dollar industry out of Facebook games. It is quite hard to believe how this came to be its was an almost overnight success. But the problem with Zynga games is that each and every game they make seems to be a clone of the last I do not see how far I can continue this way. I think at some point Zynga were going to decline as the gaming industry wise and saw and expect more from Facebook games.

But alas new Facebook games do emerge and with their innovative games developers who wish to push the boundaries and challenge Zynga for the throne.
My recommended and best Facebook games

Backyard monsters

Backyard monsters is the best game in Facebook at the moment. It is not the most popular, but in terms of innovative design and entertainment value I don't believe there is currently anything better out there. What backyard monsters does, is bring together some of the best design concepts and challenging concepts for a Facebook game into a nice neat package. It seems to be an ongoing development but those just the way game should be. Each month new and improved aspects of the game and added. Backyard monsters is deathly one of the most forum Facebook games which does not require you to sit and complete daily tasks. And done, I really hate daily tasks.


Cityville is another of Zynga's attempts keeping hold of its value. I don't believe these types of games offer anything new them their first iteration with Farmville. I don't believe drippings anything new to the table and is just another dog training Facebook game which tries to hawk their players into a routine of daily tasks in order to keep them occupied. Some aspects of the game can be fun, but the design says that this is not the main goal. The main goal behind these games is to keep you hooked on addicted on a game even if it Mayfield Montaigne and pointless to play.

Puzzle share

Puzzle share is a fantastic game. It is not very popular yet but the idea behind the game is simple and executed very well. You simply solve puzzle levels by trying to move the ball into the correct position. Not only is it a great logical trainer and challenge but it stimulates thought and forces you to communicate with friends. You get to share puzzle levels and design your own. This kind of interactive Facebook game is what I believe should be the future for Facebook games. Only the best Facebook games combine these aspects.